30 Amazing Matt Bomer White Collar Behind-The-Scene Images

One of the dominated high TRP ratings shows for USA network was “White Collar” created by Jeff Eastin, starring Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey and Tim DeKay as Peter Burke. It’s a story of an unlikely partnership between a special FBI agent and a masterful con-man who agreed to help the bureau catch other white collar criminals like himself in exchange for his freedom. Neal Caffrey is an art thief, counterfeiter, stock manipulator you name it, but he is still guided by a moral code. He is very attractive and charming and has always found the best women out there. Let’s check out the awesome Matt Bomer White Collar behind-the-scene images that every fan must see:

On The Set!

Matt Bomer White Collar

The Finale!

Complet Team!


Picture Perfect!

Coffee Break!




Fun Together!


Those Laughter!



Super Team!

Phone Break!

Selfie Time!

He is Hot!

Aww! Playing With Puppy On The Set!


Discussing The Scene!

The Script Time!

Great Actor!

The Interview!

The Shoot!


Selfie With A Fan!

Break Time With Warren Kole!

Fans Are Really Special!

Shooting White Collar 601!

Behind-The-Scene – By The Book!

Matt Bomer White Collar


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