10 Marvel Superheroes Stronger Than Hulk That Haven’t Been Used

[tps_header]The mightiest Hulk who is considered as the strongest antagonist in the Marvel comic universe is basically not the robust one. As there are more powerful superheroes than him, which Marvel comic universe hasn’t revealed yet, which tends to let our audience or fans to believe that he is the strongest one there could ever be. Today we’ll be looking at the 10 of the most powerful superheroes who are more fierce than “The Hulk”.


1)  Adam Warlock

A superhero who was brought into existence by the scientists. His powers are way beyond and above anyone else, a ruler of the earth who denies the wants of his makers and uses his powers for good as he was likely to have the powers similar to the Thor’s. In the ‘Infinity Revelation,’ he jumps the time and encounters the first Avengers team when both Hulk and Thor use their powers on Warlock, which didn’t affect him a bit rather he tackled them with no effort at all. The whole team of the Avengers got defeated by him in a flinch.

2) Power Princess

Zarda or Power Princess who is the answer to the DC’s Wonder Woman by the Marvel Comic Universe and is the member of “Squadron Supreme”. She has the unbeatable powers like heat vision, Flight, Super strength, Super speed and have the ability to summon the shield which is invisible and made up of unbreakable things. Her entry in Marvel universe was more than fight. One of her fight with Hulk, in which she thrashed hulk like it was nothing and leaving him knocked out.

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