10 Marvel Movies Canceled For Mind-Blowing Reasons

We live in an era of superhero-centric Hollywood and we should be thankful for that as our dreams keep coming true with every new superhero movie we get to see. But to make a good movie, directors have to pitch a good enough script to the studios to back it up and give a green light. But, there have been many instances where our favorite Marvel movies got canceled for astonishing reasons. Here is a list.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4


While Spider-Man 3 is considered to be a disappointment, it was still the most successful Spider-Man movie in terms of money, and seeing the success moneywise, Raimi was ready to come back for one more. But the studio and Raimi did not like the direction he was trying to take the franchise, so Raimi backed out, and Sony greenlit the reboot script of The Amazing Spider-Man behind his back.

X-Men Origins: Magneto

After Wolverine and Deadpool, two big guns that Fox has really invested in are Magneto and Professor X. When the original trilogy was done with, Fox was starting a string of Origins movies starting with Wolverine.

After that, they were trying for a Magneto movie where they would have brought back Ian McKellan and de-age him for a story about his younger days tracking down the Nazis responsible for the murder of his parents in the concentration camps. But the digitally altered McKellan’s entire runtime would have been really costly to make, which is why it got cancelled and the ideas were carried forward to X-Men: First Class.

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