15 Marvel Characters That Can Defeat Thanos Easily

Jean Grey(possessed by Phoenix force)

Another extremely powerful and dangerous mutant from the roster of X-Men. Let’s be real here, Jean Grey without the Phoenix force just cannot come even close to defeating the titan, but with The Phoenix force, it’s whole other story. In the comic-book plot, Jean Grey almost killed by solar energy, emerged into something else, she donned the mantle of fire and defeated the ruthless alien emperor. She merged with Phoenix force, could hold entire timelines in her hands and destroyed Apocalypse. In a shocking turn of events, she turned on X-Men and then consumed an entire star, committing atrocities by the millions and thus the name Dark Phoenix.

When it comes to Jean, Phoenix has a little preference issue there, it makes her more powerful than other hosts. Powerful enough to bring down the entire marvel universe.(almost) She can warp reality at will and just decimate anyone that comes in her path. She could hold entire timelines in her hands and destroyed Apocalypse. Thanos better stay away from her.


If there is one thing you should know about Asgardians, it is that they get stronger the more old they get and in Odin’s case, he has lived for more than 5000 years. That alone makes him a lot powerful but then adding to that is the ‘Odin-Force most powerful magic in existence. It flows through the ‘Tree Of Life’ and it can be passed to the new ruler of Asgard. This makes the host an all-powerful being who can go toe-to-toe with many other strong and unmatched beings. Odin has actually beaten Thanos once. Not only that he was bitch slapping him around even though Silver surfer was helping Thanos.

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