15 Marvel Characters That Can Defeat Thanos Easily



Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, you’re aware of who Thanos is. The Mad Titan is one of the strongest, smartest and dangerous baddie Marvel has to offer. He is already wrecking havoc on the universe and nearly destroying it once, he should be feared by all. Thanos is set to be the Big Bad facing Avengers in the upcoming Infinity War Arc. We figured this would be the best time for us to let you know about some characters who can and some even have defeated Thanos.


The One Above All

The One Above All is undoubtedly the most powerful character in the Marvel Multiverse. Be it him being omnipresent or omnipotent, he can take on anyone in the multiverse. This character is somewhere where space and time mean nothing to him. With having the immeasurable strength and unlimited energy, he is that power of the Marvel universe who controls all the forces of nature in the entire Marvel Multiverse. There is not a single way in which he can be harmed and is more powerful than Odin or Zeus or any other religion’s god. He is the greatest there is and is literally above all. He is the comics version of the Biblical God-like figure and he is the supreme being who possess all the power there is in the universe.

He has displayed a tremendous amount of power in raw form but that could also be hypnosis. He has also met Dr. Strange and restored the life of Beta Ray Bill. The Living Tribunal is his right-hand man and is closest to influencing the reality. He is the safe-keeper of the multi-verse. He told Adam Warlock that one hero cannot possess Infinity gems and forced him to split it among members of Infinity Watch. He is a giant humanoid with three faces acting as a Supreme court of the multi-verse. It appointed Adam Warlock as the new Living Tribunal.

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