20 Most Lovable Couples From Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows

Love stories are always the best part of any story whether its an action or romantic movie or TV shows. We love the chemistry between these couples and imagined to have the same love story in our real life. We managed to bring some collected adorable couples from movies and TV shows, check out the list:

Peter Parker And Gwen Stacy – The Amazing Spider-Man

Image Source: 8Tracks

Kara And Mon-El – Supergirl

Image Source: christiantimes

Noah And Allie – The Notebook

Image Source: community.sparknotes

Bella And Edward – Twilight

Image Source: digitalcitizen

Mr. Big And Carrie Bradshaw – Sex And The City

Image Source: Evil Beet Gossip

Aragorn and Arwen – The Lord of The Rings

Image Source: geekwithcurves

Rose And Jack – Titanic

Image Source: indiatimes

Tony Stark And Pepper Potts – Iron Man

Image Source: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki – Fandom

Hazel And Gus – The Fault In Our Stars

Image Source: newstatesman

Jesse And┬áCeline – Before Sunrise

Image Source: paulesmith – DeviantArt

Ross And Rachel – F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Image Source: Pinterest

Letty Ortiz And Dominic Toretto – The Fast And The Furious

Image Source: Pinterest

Harry And Sally – When Harry Met Sally

Image Source: Schmoes Know

Barry And Iris – The Flash

Image Source: spoilertv

Thor And Jane Foster – Thor

Image Source: Us Weekly

Landon Carter And Jamie Sullivan – A Walk To Remember

Image Source: Us Weekly

Oliver Queen And Felicity Smoak – Arrow

Image Source: variety

┬áPrincess Leia and Han Solo – Star Wars

Image Source: wearemoviegeeks

Damon And Elena – The Vampire Diaries

Image Source: Wetpaint

Hermione Granger And Ron Weasley – Harry Potter

Image Source: YouTube

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