10 Reasons Why Iron Fist Will Destroy Batman In A Fight

[tps_header]Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. Now before you think of the abysmal Netflix version and go boo hear us out. Danny Rand isn’t as much as a sissy the TV show made him out to be. In the comics, Rand is one of the most humble, honest and fiercest of fighters Marvel has ever produced. Batman is the fiercest fighter DC has ever produced. So what happens when the Bat goes against the Champion of K’un Lun. Danny Rand wins. Wanna know why….


10. He can heal himself

He cannot regrow limbs back from scratch like Deadpool but his Chi manipulation does gives him the next best thing. Danny Rand can use his Iron Fist abilities to channel his life force into his own body, automatically healing it from lethal wounds. Danny has used it to even detoxify his own bloodstreams when he is poisoned mid-battle.

9. No need for Gadgets

Danny Rand is not someone who looks to carry around a fanny pack containing expensive toys to fight the bad guys. All he needs is his two glowing little hands. Batman may use batarangs and smoke bombs to fight. For Danny, all he needs is his costume to become the Iron Fist. Plus what good is a Batarang against a guy who has stopped a moving train with a single punch?

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