Iconic Characters To Watch Out For This Halloween!

  1. Halloween is incomplete without our favorite Paranormal Activists Couple.

Catch the power couple Ed and Lorraine Warren solve mysterious cases against the most demonic of forces in The Conjuring dilogy this Halloween

  1. Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done!

How can we forget our much loved Winchester brothers from Supernatural! Having a perfect balance, this brother duo is our favorite Ghost Hunters!!

  1. Esther or Leena??

The movie Orphan really took us by surprise with its shocking climax. We couldn’t complete our Halloween list of movies without this breathe taking flick!

  1. Come into The Further with Elise…

Witness the struggle Elise when she has to travel into The Further to keep a boy from getting trap into the alternate realm forever!

  1. Keep your Lights On!

We all applaud Rebecca for her courage to help her mother detach herself from the inhuman spirit, Diana. Will she be successful in freeing her family from this troublesome spirit?

This Halloween catch your favorite Spooky characters on Amazon Prime Video! 


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