27 Hottest Pics of Hillary Duff That Will Give Miley Cyrus Run For Her Money

Hillary Duff is a popular Disney actress who got famous for her role in Disney’s Lizzie McGuire tv show and later in movies based on the tv show. She was only 13 when she got the role. After which she portrayed the character of Kelly Collins of Disney Channel Original Movie Cadet Kelly. She is very talented and looks stunning. Her strawberry blonde hair, gorgeous smile, and bright eyes along with sexy figure make her one of the hottest Disney girls out there. Here’re some pics that prove why:

1. Wow!

2. Hot!

3. Sexy!

4. Amazing!

5. Dashing Girl!

6. Hottie!

7. Oomph!

8. White Beauty!

9. Hot AF

10. Hot and Sizzling!

11. Outing!

12. Hat Beauty!

13. Bikini Hot!

14. Hot Bums!

15. Cute!

16. Beautiful!

17. Wow Photoshoot!

18. Crazy Bubbly Girl!

19. Wonderful!

20. Pretty!

21. Nice!

22. Freaking Sexy!

23. Shopping Time!

24. Young Sexy!

25. Just Wow!

26. Stripy Beach!


27. Gorgeous in Black!


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