10 Hottest and Highest Paid TV Actresses of 2017

Like movies, TV actresses also have the crazy fan followings and they have always been in demand and so they get paid the most in the TV world. Check out the list of these highest paid TV actresses.

Sofia Vergara ($41.5 million)

Highest Paid Tv Actresses

Kaley Cuoco ($26 million)

Mindy Kaling ($13 million)

Ellen Pompeo ($13 million)

Mariska Hargitay ($12.5 million)

Julie Bowen ($12 million)

Kerry Washington ($11 million)

Priyanka Chopra ($10 million)

Highest Paid Tv Actresses
Highest Paid Tv Actresses

Robin Wright ($9 million)

Pauley Perrette ($8.5 million)


This was the collection of Hottest and Highest Paid Actresses of 2017. If you wish to make any additions to the above, feel free by doing so in the comments section below.


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