17 Hottest Female Politicians Who Are No Less Sexier Than Celebrities

No doubt, our celebrities are so much hotter than anyone else. This might be because they have always been in the center of attention and fame. But here we are talking about the women who were models or gymnasts or acting and then after retiring they just have joined the politics, as obvious politics will give them fame too. So check this list out which will describe that some female politicians are way too hotter than the celebrities:

1. Vanja Hadzovic- Serbia

2. Ruby Dhalla- Canadian politician

3. Queen Rania- Jordan

4. Orly Levy- Member of the Israeli Knesset

5. Nikita Klæstrup- Denmark

6. Nicole Minetti- Italy


7. Marion Maréchal-Le Pen- France

8. Maria Carfagna- Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity

9. Lucy Torres Gomez- Philippines

10. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović- Croatia

11. Eva Kaili – Greek parliament

12. Carla Bruni- Italy

13. Belinda Stronach- Canada

14. Anna Maria Galojan- Heads the Estonian European Movement

15. Yulia Tymoshenko- Former Prime Minister of Ukraine

16. Virginia Raggi- Italy

17. Alina Kabaeva – Member of the Russian parliamentcelebrities


Pooja Singh

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