25 Hottest Actresses Who Are Way Younger Than We Thought

Well, age is just a number and we can only guess about someone’s age. Sometimes it gets so tough to guess someone’s age, especially in case of girls because of their heavy make-ups. Sometimes due to an illness or due to drug addiction, people look very old. So today, we’ll bring you some of the hottest actresses who are actually way younger than what you thought:

Bella Thorne, 19 years old


Zendaya, 21 years old

Taylor Momsen, 24 years old

Sophie Turner, 21 years old

Sarah Hyland, 26 years old

Saoirse Ronan, 23 years old

Miley Cyrus, 24 years old

Margot Robbie, 27 years old

Lindsay Lohan, 31 years old

Kylie Jenner, 20 years old

Jennifer Lawrence, 27 years old

Kiernan Shipka, 17 years old

Julianne Hough, 29 years old

Jane Levy, 27 years old

Hailee Steinfeld, 20 years old

Gemma Arterton, 31 years old

Emma Watson, 27 years old

Emma Stone, 28 years old

Emma Roberts, 26 years old

Dianna Agron, 31 years old

Demi Lovato, 25 years old

Blake Lively, 30 years old

Ashley Benson, 27 years old

Ariana Grande, 24 years old

Ariel Winter, 19 years old

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