25 Hottest Actresses Above 40 Who Are Still Ruling The Industry

Age never matters when you are talented and maintain your stamina and personality all those years. There are few celebrities in the industry who are above age 40 and are still ruling the industry. Check out the list:

Nicole Kidman (50)

Monica Bellucci (52)Michelle Pfeiffer (59)Kate Beckinsale (44)Julia Roberts (49)Jenny McCarthy (44)Jennifer Lopez (48)Jennifer Garner ( 45)

Jennifer Aniston (48)

Jennie Garth (45)

Heidi Klum (44)Heather Graham (47)
Halle Berry (51)

Gwyneth Paltrow (44)

Geri Halliwell (45)

Elizabeth Hurley (52)

Demi Moore (54)

Courteney Cox (53)

Christie Brinkley (63)

Cameron Diaz (45)

Angie Harmon (45)

Sofía Vergara (45)

Sandra Bullock (53)

Salma Hayek (51)

Pamela Anderson (50)


Pooja Singh

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