15 Super Hot Celebrities You Never Knew Have Dated MCU Actors

So many talented people are owning the Hollywood industry and between those, anyone can be attracted to anyone. We bring you the gorgeous celebrities who have once dated our MCU actors:

Liv Tyler – Benedict Cumberbatch

Image Source: Celebrity Tonic

Jared Leto – Scarlett Johansson!

Image Source: celebuzz

Emily VanCamp – Chris Pratt

Image Source: E! Online

Jenny Slate – Chris Evans!

Image Source: Entertainment-Tonight

Hayden Christensen – Natalie Portman

Image Source: Pinterest

Josh Groban – Kat Dennings

Image Source: Hollywood Life

Peter Facinelli – Jaimie Alexander

Image Source: Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift – Tom Hiddleston

Image Source: instyle

Heather Graham – Jon Favreau

Image Source: Pinterst

Jennifer Aniston – Paul Rudd

Image Source: nydailynews

Sarah Jessica Parker – Robert Downey Jr.

Image Source: nydailynews

Bradley Cooper –  Zoë Saldana

Image Source: Pinterest

Brad Pitt – Gwyneth Paltrow

Image Source: popsugar

Lupita Nyong’o – Chiwetel Ejiofor

Image Source: The Jewellery Editor

Idris Elba – Madonna

Image Source: Vanity Fair

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