15 Amazing Hollywood Movies That Were Shot In India

[tps_header]While Bollywood movie producers circled the globe searching for colorful regions to shoot their movies, Hollywood chiefs are coming to India when they need to shoot ‘abroad’. Here’re 15 best Hollywood motion pictures that were shot in India.


Zero Dark Thirty


In spite of the fact that the film is about chasing down Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan – the group did not get the authorization to shoot there (no curve balls, huh?). So Kathryn Bigelow got her team to Chandigarh and reproduced the scenes where Navy SEALs experience the criminal driving force. The shooting areas in Chandigarh were the Punjab Engineering College premises in Sector 12 and in addition the DAV College bottle in Sector 10.

The Dark Knight Rises


To think some of the shots from this highly cherished motion picture was shot in India! Yes, Christopher Nolan was in India for a visit before – and he was fascinated by Rajasthan and its wonderful areas. So when he began taking a shot at ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, he shot the correctional facility escape scene of Batman at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Cool, huh?

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