25 Funniest Behind-The-Scene Images of Marvel Superheroes

Marvel has presented the biggest superhero movies and has gained a lot of fans and admirers around the world. The cast members of Marvel are the best they enjoy a lot on the sets. Check out these funniest behind-the-scene- images which will make you laugh uncontrollably.

Cap and Cameras

Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the most underrated movies of MCU. It launched Chris Evans as Steve Rogers aka Captain America and now its difficult to imagine anyone else who could have done justice to the role.

Hawkeye on the learning terms!

Hawkeye has been there since the start of “The Avengers” initiative. He is the only Avenger with wife and kids. He is a master archer who has played an instrumental role as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent all this time. But something will happen in Infinity War that will force him to become a vigilante.

Falcon is all set!

Falcon aka Sam Wilson who was an airman in US Marines but took retirement from active duty to help Vets grappling with PTSD. He met Steve Rogers there and has ever since the most loyal and trusted ally of his.

Machines to Getting Touch-up!

MCU has introduced a plethora of mean machines and gadgets into the movies. The best amongst them have been Iron Man suits which always require constant care and touch-ups.

On the set of Avengers!

The Avengers is probably one of the best comic-book movies ever as it assembled our beloved superheroes against God of Mischief in the Battle of New York. So much of the effects were done using the green screen, but it seemed so real.

Shouting in front of the camera!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the next big project of Fox studios and fans are excited as it is adapting the most iconic comic-book plot where Jean Grey is merged with dark phoenix force and turn on X-Men. Sophie Turner played young Jean in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Funny Cast Members!

The off-screen chemistry between ‘The Avengers’ is equally good as the onscreen one. They are a just coolest bunch of people you can imagine.

Cap is so funny!

Tony Stark and Captain America may be the staunchest of rivals in the Civil War, but the actors Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are great friends in real life. And Mr. Serious Rogers is actually the funniest.


Tom Hiddleston aka Loki is considered to be one of the most amazing supervillains to have ever been cast. He was terrifying, intimidating and menacing as hell, but off-screen he is a prankster and super fun guy who keeps sets lively.

Hulk is ready to smash!

We have had two actors who played Hulk – Eric Bana and Edward Norton who put up good performances but then came Mark Ruffalo who redefined Hulk and made him so endearing and fun.

Time to feed the babies!

Zoe Saldana aka Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy is an effective team player and an awesome fighter. She is dead serious most of the time but in real life, Zoe loves to play with children.


Dave Bautista, a WWE wrestler turned Hollywood actor played Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. He is weirdly funny in the movie but has taken down big evil guys. He is a hell of a guy in real life too.

Suiting- up!

We all love Tony Stark aka Iron Man. He is the most revered and recognized Avenger that all Marvel fans admire. But ask Robert Downey Jr. what it takes to become that man. It’s a lot of work man.

Not that mystical!

As far as visual effects go, Marvel studios are just the best as they have got everything planned down to the last detail. It’s so funny to see behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest action scenes we saw onscreen.

Heroes together!

For the first time, we will see Avengers and Guardians come together in the Infinity War. They are currently shooting Avengers 4 in Atlanta after having wrapped up Avengers Infinity War. It’s gonna be a BLAST!


If Kevin Feige is the soul of MCU, Joss Whedon is the heart of it to a large extent. He kick-started the MCU and delivered the blockbuster “The Avengers” which propelled the universe to a whole new level.

Fun on set!

James Gunn is one of the most influential Marvel executive and director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2. He is extremely talented, a master film-maker who has a great eye for detail. He creates a conducive environment for everyone on the sets.

Crazy Celebs!

The Avengers may come across as serious dudes who are saving the world from big threats all the time, but the actors indulge in childish activities on the sets that will blow your mind.


Paul Bettany plays Vision in the MCU. He possesses an Infinity stone which makes him valuable to Thanos. He is a go-to guy these days for entertainment news outlets as he has revealed so much already about the Infinity war movies.

Remember the Scene?

The penultimate scene of ‘The Avengers’ when Iron Man comes falling from the sky after disposing off a nuke in the outer space, look at how it was actually done, it will bring a smile onto your face.

Guardians of the Galaxy!

Guardians of the Galaxy sets are always abuzz with activity. The actors have a pretty awesome relationship with the technical crew and spot boys that they all love to get back for a movie.

Phone Break!

So Gamora and Starlord are busy on their phones while Ego The Living Planet is sleeping. What a sight… Indeed…

Laughing Cap!

Whether it’s his scene with Tony or Hawkeye or anybody, Chris Evans aka Rogers does not miss an opportunity to have a hearty laugh on the sets which makes him the most amazing Cap we could have hoped for.

During the shoot!

Yet another silly prank pulled off by someone and everyone is having fun on the sets of Guardians of the Galaxy especially the Talking Tree aka Groot.

Oh Yeah!


Thor: Ragnarok has been one of the most exciting and thrilling comic-book movies that took the MCU to another level. From visual effects to storytelling to performances, everything was a just top notch. Taika Waititi made a stunning debut and will be coming back for the sequel.


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