16 Funniest Instagram Images of Robert Downey Jr. That Will Show How Crazy He Is

Robert Downey Jr famously known for his superhero role as Iron Man had a rough past. He struggled during his early days and had to face imprisonment also due to the drug abuse. But he has left all those things behind and came up as the real-life Iron Man. Everyone has their funny sides and yet here we bring you the funniest Instagram images of RDJ which will explain how crazy he is in his real life:

1. Hahaha!

2. Look At His Pose!

3. Introducing Spider-Man

4. Ready To See A Bunny!

5. On St. Patrick’s Day

6. Huhaa!

7. He is Just Crazy!

8. La La!!

9. ooh, the Poser!

10. We Can See His Animal Love Now!

11. Oops!!Makeup Time!

12. You Hang In There!

13. With A Bunch of High School Guys!

14. Creepy!

15. Ohh Love!!

16. One Hell of a Ride!


Pooja Singh

Her belief lies in the power of elegant intentionality in this world filled with lurid colors.

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