35 Extreme Tom Hardy Behind-The-Scene Images That Will Blow Your Mind

As we all know, Tom Hardy is starring in the movie Venom as Eddie Brock, and hopefully, we may get to see justice done to Brock and Venom. He is one of the most sought-after guys working in Hollywood. He is no stranger to the comic-book genre as he played Bane in Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. He is well-known for undergoing major physical transformations. Here we bring you the awesome Tom Hardy behind-the-scene images that every fan must see:


That Body!


The ‘Legend’ Set!

Mad Max Set!


With The Stunt Double!

Oh Yeah!

Super Cool!


With Fans!

This Means War Set!


Bloody And Bruised!

So Serious!


Roaming Around the Set!


High-Octane Camera Wrangling!


With Christopher Nolan!


Legend Set!


Bane Make-Up!

Taboo Set!


With Jason On The Taboo Set!

Coffee Break!

Super Crazy!

Playing With The Dog!


Inception Set!

Venom Set!



Oh, Bloody Hell!

Young And Handsome!

The Fight Scene!

With Little Batman!


Tom Hardy Behind-The-Scene

Tom Hardy Behind-The-Scene!

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