5 Examples of How the Luxurious & Famous People Sleep

Do you imagine the rich and famous sleep on exotic materials and relax in layers over layers of smooth fluff? While this may be true to some extent, it turns out that the 1% of the world’s population is quite preoccupied with their sleeping conditions.

Famous people like Thomas Edison or Leonardo da Vinci were obsessed by the idea that sleep is a waste of time, so they tried to reduce it as much as possible. While we now know this is not the case, people like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk still shared the ideology of sleeping less and working more.

But how do the celebs sleep? Let’s have a quick glance in their bedrooms!

The Hipster Mattress

We’ve all seen Ashton Kutcher’s sleeping habits in ‘No Strings Attached’ while he was trying to get out of the Friends with Benefits phase, but in reality, he has strong opinions about the surfaces he sleeps on.

Together with another famous actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), Ashton Kutcher invested in the mattress startup, Casper. While this is as far away as possible from the image of a luxury bed, the two actors believed in the New York startup and it seems it paid up in spades.  Nowadays, Casper is a multi-million business and it’s only going up.

So, there you have it, both Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio like regular beds, with impressive features. And, as you can see, none of them has troubles with staying in the friend zone forever (even though Mila Kunis admitted to friend-zoning Ashton for a while).

Tricks Celebs Recommend

While you can always browse through a wide range of luxurious beds (like here: https://www.mattressmatchers.com/best-luxury-bed/), sleep is not always about the silkiness of your sheets and the fluffiness of your bed.

After all, you could have all the luxury in the world and still toss and turn at night! And, given that the life of a star is never peaceful, here are some tips that help A-listers sleep like a baby.

Kim Kardashian’s Sleep Secret

While she’s mostly known for pictures that break the internet, this diva knows the power of a beauty sleep. She announced on Instagram that she uses a brand of functional herbs in combination with rose water and Magnesium to make sure she has a calm and relaxed sleeping experience every night.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Beauty Trick

This diva’s choices are highly controversial when it comes to lifestyle, but this one we can’t let out. Recently, Gwyneth shared she loves to take a bath before bed and she uses Epsom salt and aromatherapy to meditate and put her mind at ease before slipping into slumber.

Since both Epsom salt and aromatic candles are affordable, we say this is, at least, worth trying!

JK Rowling’s Special App

When you have the details for an entire magical universe rolling around in your brain, it can be rather difficult to sleep. But JK Rowling found a rather interesting and unusual solution – an app that uses music and voiceovers to create beautiful dreamscapes.

As it turns out, the creator of the Harry Potter universe is not the only one using apps to soothe their slumber! Several famous athletes use the same app and regular people all over the world start to trust the power of technology when it comes to sleep.

Now, what do you think? Did JK Rowling dream about Quidditch and Hogwarts?

What’s your Choice?

As you can see, the rich and famous don’t have super weird sleeping secrets. From specially-designed mattresses that are affordable to most of us to special beverages, bath salts, and apps, these are tricks we could all use.

The difference between us and them is that they actually use tricks to sleep better. This means celebs understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, while the regular folks will completely dismiss it, thinking it’s just something you do when you get a chance.


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