23 EPIC Fails of Your Favorite Celebs Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Anything can happen anytime. You never know what can happen with you the very next moment. And in the same way, these celebs went through certain things that made people laugh out loud. Here’s a list of some of those events that made people laugh uncontrollably hard.

Oh, Katy!

Get Low!

Bieber Throwing Up!


JLo making it hard for Pitbull!

It’s gettin’ hot here with Robert!

Jason Statham likes it wet!

It’s a new one!

Harry Styles doin it in style!

That dress couldn’t handle Britney Spears

Madonna trying a Dracula flight

Still, can’t figure out what went wrong with Miley!

Beyonce’s hair on a whirlpool

Ariana got hit by an angel!

Jennifer Lawrence’s beautiful dress…

Harry falling in Style!

Oh Johnny!

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis holding tight!

It’s windy here for Taylor Swift!

They forgot they’re singing…

Fergie couldn’t handle the pressure!

Salena’s “Oo la la” moment!


Drake getting it hard from Madonna!


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