15 Embarrassing Roles The CW Actors Want You To Forget

The CW actors are known for their spectacular roles they play in their respective TV shows. But at some point in their early career,  they have done some very embarrassing roles which will shock you. Check out the list:

Emily Bett Rickards in Flicka: Country Pride

Emily was never a big TV star and started off pretty small in low-budget movies. She played a forgettable role of Mary in the movie titled Flicka: Country Pride. It is a story of Toby and Flicka helping out a struggling stable owner and his teenage daughter Kelly who has bonded with wild horse and wants to participate in the competition. Does this even make any sense?

Brandon Routh in Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Brandon Routh aka Ray Palmer/The Atom in the Legends of Tomorrow played the role of Bobby Long in a movie that revolves around making of an adult movie. The two directors Zack and Miri during the making of the movie realized that they have feelings towards each other. Eeeee!

Danielle Panabaker in Piranha 3DD

Danielle Panabaker is hot as Caitlin Snow and hotter as Killer Frost. She has a huge fan following after her stint in popular CW show “The Flash”. But guess what…she was one of the lead actresses in the human monstrosity called “Piranha 3DD”. She plays Maddy and the plot is how bloodthirsty piranhas entered into the newly opened waterpark. Well, let’s hope she doesn’t sign up for Piranha 3DDD.

David Ramsey in Con Air

David Ramsey plays Diggle who has been the right-hand guy of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Well, in season 6, he is the new Green Arrow. But he has done pretty insignificant roles in the past like everyone else. Well, he was one of the many prisoners locked up with Nicholas Cage who is not even mentioned on IMDb casting list of the movie “Con Air”. The plot revolves around Cameron (former US Ranger) who is caught in an airplane with country’s most dangerous criminals who have hijacked the plane and are planning to escape the federal prison.

Dominic Purcell in Blade: Trinity

Dominic Purcell is Rori aka Heat Wave in the Legends of Tomorrow. He was a crime partner of Snart aka Captain Cold in “The Flash”. Both of them became legends but Snart sacrificed himself for the team. He also starred in ‘Prison Break’ with Wentworth Miller. But he has done some really embarrassing roles in his career, one of them is playing Drake in Blade: Trinity.

Grant Gustin in Kid Fitness Jungle Adventure

Grant Gustin is the central character in the popular CW show ‘The Flash’. He plays Barry Allen, son of Henry and Nora Allen who became a superhero “The Flash”. He was struck by lightning at the time of particle accelerator explosion and gained super-speed powers. But Grant Gustin has struggled hard to reach to a position where he is today. He is playing ‘Club Fit Kid’ in a video titled “Kid Fitness Jungle Adventure Exercise”. Do I need to say more?

Jesse L. Martin in Smash

Jesse L. Martin plays Detective Joe West, a senior cop at CCPD on the popular CW show ‘The Flash’. He is the father of Iris West and adopted Barry Allen when he lost his mother and his father got arrested for the crime. But Jesse has experimented with his career a lot. He played Scott Nichols in TV series Smash, he appeared in nine episodes. He is one of the crew members who is preparing for a Broadway musical on the life of Marilyn Monroe.

John Barrowman in Shark Attack 3 Megalodon

John Barrowman is one of the most versatile and talented actors working in TV. He plays Malcolm Merlyn on the popular CW show ‘Arrow’. He was the dark archer in season 1 who wiped off glades through undertaking to avenge the death of his wife. He helped Arrow to defeat Slade Wilson and rescued his daughter Thea from the bloody carnage. He trained her and made her fighter. He then became Ra’s Al Ghul briefly but died saving his daughter in Arrow season 6.

Guess what….he was also part of the horrible movie called as “Shark Attack 3 Megaladon”…I won’t even care to describe his role in the movie.

Manu Bennett in The Marine

The season 2 of Arrow TV series will continue to be the best ever in the show’s history. And it’s not because of Stephen Amell, instead, it’s because of the season villain – Slade Wilson/Deathstroke played by Manu Bennett. He came to Starling city to avenge the death of his girlfriend Shado as he believed Oliver is responsible for her death as he chose to protect Sara Lance. He brought an entire army of Mira Kuru soldiers to Starling city who took it under their control, assassinated top officials and bribed others. He was trapped in maximum security prison until Oliver needed his help to take down Prometheus. He will be back in Arrow season 6. But he has done many small roles like in the movie “The Marine” that starred John Cena (ex-Marine) whose wife is kidnapped by a group of diamond thieves.

Matt Nable in Riddick

Matt Nable played Ra’s Al Ghul, heir to the demon and head of League of Assassins. He was the big villain in Arrow season 3. He killed Oliver’s sister Thea Queen who was later resurrected. He has played forgettable roles like Boss Jones in the movie ‘Riddick’ starring Vin Diesel and Karl Urban.

Neal McDonough in I Know Who Killed Me

Neal McDonough played Damien Darhk in Arrow season 4. He was the member of League of Assassins, and a former friend turned foe of Ra’s Al Ghul. Once upon a time, Damien Darhk and another person were horsemen to Ra’s Al Ghul, he wanted to take the mantle as he believed he is worthy, while the other one was chosen. He outmaneuvered Ra’s, took waters of Lazarus pit with himself and commands a loyal and trained “hive of followers” around the world. Neal has toiled hard to get meaty roles on TV. He played Daniel Fleming in the movie ‘I Know Who Killed Me’. Let’s not discuss it further.

Stephen Amell in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows

Stephen Amell is one of the most popular, hottest and successful TV actor working today. He is Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow in CW’s highest TRP generating show ‘Arrow’. He recently did a movie on ninja turtles titled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows and made his fans watch 112 minutes of crap.

Tom Cavanagh in Yogi Bear

Tom Cavanagh has tasted enormous success with his role Prof. Wells in ‘The Flash’. He was revealed to be Eobard Thawne or ‘The Man In A Yellow Suit’. He is exceptionally talented and effortless in playing multiple roles at the same time. But guess what….a man like him played Ranger Smith in a silly teen movie ‘Yogi Bear’.

Wentworth Miller in Underworld

Wentworth Miller has a cult following at this point after his amazing performances in Prison Break (Michael Scofield) and ‘The Flash’ (Captain Cold). He is the same guy who played Dr. Adam in Kate Beckinsale’s starrer Underworld.

Willa Holland in Legion

Willa Holland is Thea Queen in CW’s Arrow. She is the daughter of Moira & Malcolm Merlyn and sister of Oliver Queen. She was rescued by Malcolm during Mira-Kuru soldiers invasion of Star city, she learned to become a fighter and then donned the mantle of ‘Speedy’ to fight crime in Star City. She is barely breathing now as she was in Lian Yu when series of explosions destroyed the island. She has a small part in the movie ‘Legion’ where she played Audrey Anderson who is so forgettable.


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