25 Most Embarrassing Images Of Marvel And DC Actors



Marvel and DC actors are ruling the world with their tremendous acting skills, but these were not the same as it is now. They started from the scratch and now have become the most popular actors worldwide. But here we bring their most hideous images that these actors never want us to see:


Robert Downey Jr.

Image Source: WittyFeed

Robert Downey Jr. is now considered to be the coolest guy in Hollywood and rightfully so. But he has a dark past, his share of ups and downs as well like a normal person. He was once addicted to gateway drugs and even got arrested for the same…his story of overcoming bad habits, getting control of his life and then delivering his best career performance as Tony Stark in the MCU is truly remarkable. He is now the most admired and recognizable face of all the actors who have worked in Marvel movies.

His life has taken a U-TURN!

Chris Pine

Image Source: zimbio

Pine is now the heartthrob of millions of girls as he starred as Captain Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman. He taught her about love and filled her heart with positivity. He went to Berkeley in 2002 and found himself out of place. He had a hard time making friends but he found his calling in theater and he has never looked back.

Greek God!
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