Dating a Single Mom: General Advice

Recent statistics prove that more than a half of all marriages in Ukraine end with divorces. After a divorce children generally stay with their mother. This makes the number of single mothers out there quite significant. There is no other reason for you to avoid these relationships than a widespread prejudice. Try to date a single mom from Ukraine. Follow these tips and increase your chances of successful dating with a single mother.

  1. Keep in mind that single mother is more confident, loyal, responsible, and mature than other women. It is hard enough to raise a child but it is twice as harder to raise it alone. Approach a single mother with all seriousness and be prepared to make a commitment.
  2. You definitely should deal with her ex. Most probably he would be around to take care of his child as well. This means regular interactions and occasional meetings. Do not blame him or badmouth directly or indirectly. It is up to a single mom you are trying to date to deal with him. Your way of dealing with him is absolute support of your woman and minimal interaction with him directly. His is in the past and you are in the present and future. He can care about the child but your main task in the early stages is to care about your lady.
  3. At some point, you will be introduced to her children. Think in perspective and express your interest in her kid/kids. Say you want to meet them. Make a present and befriend them. Your single mother wouldn’t accept you in case you can’t be a stepfather for her children. She looks for a provider and a man who can help her raise her children. It means you will be expected to love them as your own.
  4. Try not labeling her as “single mother” all the time. There really is a lot of women in a similar situation around the world. Yes, she is a single mother but that doesn’t define her as a person. Look past her motherhood occasionally and value her for what she is. Try to know her better and understand what she wants.
  5. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at her place. Because that is where her kid will live. Typical dating scenarios for going out like a restaurant or a cinema may work once or twice but be flexible – she can be needed at home at any moment of day or night.
  6. Pay attention to the benefits of dating a single mom. First of all, you can figure out what having a kid is like without actually having a kid. Then, you can have a lot of free time for yourself because she spends a lot of time with her kid. Finally, it is truly amazing to have a reliable and independent woman as a partner in relationships. Her confidence will make you more confident, organized, and motivated. The amount of her responsibility made her mature. Her energetic approach and dynamic behavior will initiate your self-growth.
  7. Support her in everything but avoid talking about her ex. The less you know about him and the less you see him the better. Under no circumstances badmouth or blame him in order to create connection between you and your woman. Remember that her ex is still a father of her kid and is probably going to be around. Her kid may see you and her ex as competitors, so be patient and careful.
  8. Don’t fall for the popular cliché thinking about her kid as “baggage”. Such approach won’t let you go far. If your desire is to date a single mother, then there is no way you don’t want to have a family. Act accordingly, and show you can be around her child as a member of family. Express your gratitude for the possibility of knowing her kid and try becoming at least a little part of the kid’s life for starters.
  9. If you want some time alone with her without interruptions and distractions, order a babysitter. Knowing her kid is one thing but knowing her is your prerogative. Still, don’t expect to stay late with her at a party or spend a whole night together drinking wine – she simply can’t afford it.

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