15 CW Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

With the Advent of primetime television, we witnessed what was arguably the inception of the TV superhero franchise. With ambitious projects like Constantine and Riverdale that did not click with fans; to the much celebrated Arrow and Supernatural, it’s safe to say that The CW network is at the forefront of this dynamic change( if it qualifies as a change at all). So to celebrate their efforts here are the best 15 CW Shows ranked, for your viewing pleasure.

Disclaimer: This list has been compiled with the view to get people interested in the said shows and ranks show after examining the source material they take inspiration from, the script of the respective shows and most importantly how the shows present the content. That being said this listen is just my personal opinion and any objections from the readers are duly noted. Please be kind.

15. Riverdale

The much-anticipated adaptation of one of the most famous comics of all time falls flat on its face as it enters this list at the very bottom. The show not only reskins our favorite characters from the comics but also changes the entire tone of the narrative. The result is a dark and gritty high School drama that is not even thrilling to watch. The twists seem forced and the danger artificial. Before the audience has a chance to settle with the reskinning of “Archie’s comics” we are thrown into the deep end of the story arc. The result? A fragmented and broken show that might be great for YouTube clips and driving traffic but not for a full-fledged drama series on a televised network such as the CW.

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