15 Craziest Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood today. He delivered the performance of his lifetime in Deadpool with solid punches, immaculate comedic timing, and loads of fun. Here’re some of his craziest facts which will prove how much weird he is in real life:

1. Failed in Drama Class!

2. He acts Weird Sometimes!

3. Extreme Fear of Flying!

4. Loves Motorcycle Trips!

5. The Love Story!

6. Ohhh!!


7. Takes Roles Seriously!


8. Believe in Deadpool!

9. He is Romantic!

10. His First Kiss!

11. Haha!

12. Claustrophobia!

13. Bit of a Daredevil!

14. Sexiest Man Alive!



15. Marshmallow Lover!


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