10 Countries Famous for Breast Augmentations and Butt Lifts

In this world of imperfections, there is no one who is perfect. All women are beautiful and are a gift of Mother Nature but many of them now want themselves to look super pretty and gorgeous all the time. So, here’s a list of all those countries where many of the women there have undergone knives-


Mexico is one of the most popular spots for getting nose jobs, liposuction, breast-enlargement and tummy tucks. It is cited one of the fifth countries for getting surgeries when people are traveling to get it done. The main reason behind this is that it’s quite inexpensive when compares to other expensive countries and all the visitors from U.S. and Canada mostly visits Mexico. It had somewhere 486,499 cosmetic procedures a year.

Brazil: Famous for Butt-lifts

Imagine the body of Kardashians? Yes, you got it right. The guy who invented this was named Dr. Pitanguy and was so famous that he was given the honor of carrying the Olympic torch at one point. He was also famous because he also offered free treatments to those who cannot afford it since “the poor have a right to be beautiful too.” In 2013, Brazil saw 1,491,721 different procedures.


Famous for its liposuction and breast enlargement.  Many people travel to the South-American countries to get their work done. Many of the procedures go well but not always and there are places which are covert and where minors have been getting work done.  Ernesto Barbosa, general-secretary of Colombian Plastic Surgery Society has spoken out about tightening up the laws. “We need laws that put life and health first. Until the state takes responsibility for overseeing and regulating medical specialties, it will be hard to make a difference.”

United States

Face lifts, butt-lifts, boob lifts, lower body lifts are very popular in U.S. Boob lifts and butt lifts are quite common and their rates also never decreased in the past few years.

Botox, Fillers, peels, laser are also very popular in the United States .  in 2015, U.S. saw 1.7 million different procedures.


GEORGIA SALPA in Bikini in Marbella, Spain

Spain is also very famous not just among residents but among tourists also as the retes in Spain are quite less and are available in installments. One reason that makes getting enhanced is the Lifestyle which includes a lot of beach time which too topless also.

According to the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are about 500,000 cosmetic procedures done in the country each year.


Germany is also famous among men as eight out of 100,000 men enlarge that area. But, still, Boob enlargement is one of the most famous in Germany and among all over the world.


Canada is most popular for breast-enlargement and makes up close to 25 percent of all the procedures being done in the country.  It also holds about 1.5 percent of the procedures worldwide. Canada is also famous for Botox.


Around, 14 percent of the women in France have undergone a knife. The most popular is an augmentation just like many other places in the world. After that liposuction, eye-lid work, nose job are there and Botox is also common there but it’s considered a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.


In 2010, Italy saw 815,745 different cosmetic procedures. The most popular that time was liposuction.  As of 2014, breast-enlargement and eyelid procedures came in the front, around 70 percent procedures are performed for women.



The most popular in Greece is chest augmentation. Whenever there’s an economic disability, more women tend to have undergone a knife and Greece is named number two for getting different procedures.


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