15 Characters From Marvel That Are More Powerful Than Thanos


Yes, Marvel also has its own version of Zeus who is the father of Hercules and is an Olympian Deity. His power is considered equal to characters like Odin and Galactus. Zeus Panhellenios first made his appearance in Venus #5, 1945. He is the god of heavens, sky, thunder, and storm who can draw powers from the universe and can strip the powers of fellow Greek gods to power himself.


Since his existence, Galactus has been known as the Devourer of Worlds. He first appeared in “Fantastic Four” #48 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he came to Earth in his perpetual quest to feed. The Fantastic Four along with Silver Surfer fought him and drove him off. Soon after the“Secret Wars,” the crossover that integrated various Marvel universes into one, the Ultimates completely changed the goal of Galactus in “Ultimates” #2. Galactus since then uses his reality-warping material Iso-8 to restore life to the dead planets, starting from the planets he destroyed first.

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