15 Most Mind-Blowing Characters From Marvel And DC Crossover Comics

Dark Claw

Dark Claw, as stated earlier, is the amalgam of theĀ Dark Knight and Wolverine. Logan was only five when he saw his parents getting killed by a masked robber. He was then sent to his uncle in Canada who was a police officer and he had to stay there until he was eighteen. After leaving from there, he joins the Royal Canadian Air Force and metĀ  Creed H Quinn there. Soon after their joining, they were placed under the Weapon X program and it was here when Logan learned about his mutant powers same as Wolverine. He became world’s greatest detective after realizing his abilities and became a guy who puts fear in the hearts of the criminals. Having a huge arsenal of gadgets, he used to fight against the deadliest criminals. He later became the founding member of the Justice League of Avengers.

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