15 Most Mind-Blowing Characters From Marvel And DC Crossover Comics

Iron Lantern

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Iron Lantern is the combination of Marvel’s Iron Man and DC’s Green Lantern who is the founder of Stark Aircraft. He was working on a flight simulator when suddenly the device took off with him and he crashed near an alien spacecraft. Stark was badly injured because of the crash and a piece of metal from the suit gets stuck in his chest. Curious to see the aircraft, Stark makes his way to the spaceship where he found a dying alien Rhomann Sur.

Soon he realized that he is dying as well and so made a suit out of the alien tech which got powered by the battery he found in the wreckage. This suit not only saved his life but also gave him incredible powers. Now he can create anything he wants by using the green energy which is powered by Oa, the Living Planet. Hal Stark under the name of Iron Lantern became a superhero and fought many villains like Madame Sapphire and others.

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