10 Celebs Who Love To Brag About Their Masturbation Habits

There’s nothing wrong in masturbation. It’s one of the ways of making love to yourself. It’s something you do when there’s no one around and you fantasize someone you like and start self-pleasuring yourself. While it’s something you do in private and people usually don’t like to talk about it, there are some celebs who like to brag about it publicly. Here’s a list of those actors:

John Mayer

Sometimes, you do things to get attention. This was actually the case with John Mayer. He didn’t know how to get it positively so he chose to brag about his masturbation habits publicly.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

What if your hobby is to collect vibrators and someone comes to see? Well, this is exactly the case with Maggie Gyllenhaal. She likes to collect vibrators and rest… you know it!

Fred Durst

It might seem a shocker but Fred Durst bragged about it right before his MTV award show. He mentioned about his private time in the bathroom stall before the show.

Jenny McCarthy

You’ll be shocked but Jenny McCarthy doesn’t like to go out without using a vibrator. She said it herself.

Aubrey Plaza

This happened when she was promoting her movie, Conan. She revealed that there was a scene where she was not acting and actually doing it. Imagine doing it at your work place!!!

Eva Longoria

What if one of your dearest friends gifts you a vibrator? Yes, this is the case with Eva Longoria, who loves it so much that she gifts them to her friends.

Ryan Reynolds

What would you do when you’re suspended from school and have nothing to do at home? Yes, this was the case with Ryan Reynolds who talked about how getting punished expelled from the school was the dumbest punishment and how he ends up doing alone at home.

Seth Rogen

What if you reveal it to the person you think about while doing it? Yes, this was the case with Seth Rogen who not only revealed it publicly but said directly to RuPaul.

Jeremy Piven

He once said, “If masturbation is a crime, put me on death row.” He is known for playing jerks and it seems so obvious.


If you’re a 90’s teenager then you’ll definitely have an idea who KoRn is. Their one of the earliest songs including “A.D.I.D.A.S.” (which stands for All Day I Dream About Sex) talks about their private stuff.

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