20 Most Surprising Celebrities Who Have Once Served in The Military

Before achieving their biggest dream of either being a famous actor or being a popular musician, there are so many celebrities who have once served in the military services. Check out the list of these celebrities that will surprise you:

Mystikal – U.S. Army and Desert Storm

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His song “Danger” went on the no.1 position.

Adam Driver – U.S. Marines

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He is very well known for playing the roles in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and HBO’s Girls.

Clint Eastwood – US Army

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Oscar-winning actor, director, and producer.

Drew Carey – U.S. Marine Corp Reserves

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He hosted The Price Is Right and star of The Drew Carey Show.

Fred Durst – US Navy

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He is an American musician and film director. He is well known for being the vocalist of the band Limp Bizkit.

Hugh Hefner – Army Soldier in World War II

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He was the founder of Playboy and was also the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

Humphrey Bogart – US Navy

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He was the American screen and stage actor, prominently known for his iconic role in Casablanca.

Ice-T – U.S. Army

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He is a rapper and an actor. His career launched with the long-running NBC show Law & Order: SVU.

James Blunt – British Army and the first NATO soldier

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He is the songwriter/singer of the very famous song ”You’re Beautiful”.

Leonard Nimoy – Army Reserve

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He was an American actor, film director, photographer, author, singer, and songwriter. He was the Spock of Star Trek.

Morgan Freeman – United States Air Force

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Best Known for playing role in Dark Knight Trilogy.

Mr. T – United States Army and Military Police Corps

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He is an actor and a professional retired wrestler.

Pat Sajak – DJ on the Armed Forces Radio Network between 1968 and 1970

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He was the host of the America’s longest-running game show ” Wheel of Fortune”.

Elvis Presley – U.S. Army

Image Source: Photos – Elvis Presley Official Web Site

He was the ”King of Rock”.

Rob Riggle – U.S. Marine Corps Reserves

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He appeared in movies like The Hangover, 21 Jump Street, and The Other Guys.

Sean Connery – Royal Navy

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He played the iconic role of James Bond.

Shaggy – U.S. Marines

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He then chose his dream profession to join the music industry.

Tom Selleck – U.S. Army

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He starred in Magnum and Las Vegas and had a very well known role of playing the character Richard in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Walt Disney – Red Cross Ambulance Corps

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He was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer.

Gal Gadot – Israel Defense Forces

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Everyone knows about the super Wonder Woman.


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