15 Famous Celebrities Who Are Known For Their “Hotness” Not Talent

As we all know audiences are more likely to go and watch a movie if it has a famous and sexy star cast. Due to this reason, many casting directors hire a beautiful face that would sell a production more than anything. Let’s take a look at some of those celebrities that are always on the radar of casting directors to make their movies/ tv shows/ videos famous.

PS: The list also includes some celebs that are creating a buzz but not by the way you think!

Megan Fox

No acting only looks, babe!!! Megan Fox is one of the hottest actresses in the Hollywood industry and when it comes to her acting, the actress has trashy skils.

Emily Ratajkowski

Showing off works for some! The actress featured in the Blurred Lines video alongside Robin Thicke. Since then she has been in a spotlight but not for her acting but for what she does on the internet.

Kristen Stewart

The actress looks really hot but when it comes to her acting, she struggles very much.

Pamela Anderson

The sex-bomb of Hollywood! Pamela Anderson is a nice lady but acting-wise, she is nothing. The show Baywatch made her famous with the slow-motion running scenes on the beach.

Farrah Abraham

She has gone under the knife several times and recently turned into an adult star.

Aubrey O’day

When your acting career isn’t working out, go to a plastic surgeon and create a buzz.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The Real Housewife made her a big personality when it was launched but her acting wasn’t that good. She also used plastic surgeries to stay in the trend.


The Jersey Shore actress relied more on her body than her skills.

Courtney Stodden

She is making appearances on reality TV but the real buzz comes from what she puts on the Instagram.

 Jessica Alba

She is probably one of the sexiest women alive. She has been ranked as the world’s sexiest women several times but when it comes to her acting, it’s not that special. Her looks are more likely the reason for her getting the roles and not her acting skills.

Paris Hilton

She may be world’s prettiest woman but when t comes to her acting, she has won Golden Raspberry’s Worst Actress Award not just once but five times.

Kate Bosworth

She has done some good movies in her acting career but none of them has been remembered because of her acting skills. She still has many years left in her acting career and we hope she might surprise us all one day.

Bo Derek

Bo Derek made her mark in the 1980s and she is still making her appearances in movies. Although she has achieved a sex symbol status earlier in her life, she has never been praised for her acting. She has always been criticized for her trashy acting skills.

January Jones

The actor and model, January Jones started her acting career in 1999 but no matter how much we love her, she lacks the skills that should be there for someone of her level.

Kim Kardashian


She is probably one of the most famous actresses in the industry. She puts in a lot of efforts to maintain her sexy figure and hot looks but she is really poor when it comes to acting skills.

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