8 Celebrities Who Got Clicked At A Very Embarrassing Moment

Celebrities are most of the time under the public scrutiny. They are surrounded by photographers or paparazzi which are many times covert too. They’re always ready to get clicked and even if they’re not, paparazzi are always ready to click their pictures and send them to different tabloids. But, there are some pictures which are kind of absurd.

Honestly, this is a fact that celebs don’t care about the paparazzi’s and live their own personal lives. But there are some pictures which might make you think that something is wrong with these celebs and is making you feel question the whole dynamic of their relationship with their sibling or child.

So, here’s the list of 8 celebs caught on camera with their family members in an absurd manner

Heidi Klum with her son in the ocean

When these photos of Heidi with her son on a family beach trip surfaced, people felt a little weird. You don’t expect a lip kissing but some families are Ok with lip kissing. They don’t feel shy in expressing their love but on the same hand, it’s weird and absurd too.

Karissa And Kristina Shannon

They are American supermodels, Playboy inmates, and twin sisters and could do anything for fame. They are best known for how they look in lingerie. So, in order to get more media attention, they often play as hot-twin angle getting so close to each other and exchanging steamy lip-locks.

Hulk Hogan oiling his daughter Brooke

Many people have buzzed about the weird relation of Hulk with his daughter Brooke. But, this picture would make you feel absurd. Look like you are vacationing with your family and you might ask your family member to rub some sunscreen on your back but asking a member to rub you thigh is kind of weird.

Steven Tyler with her daughter Liv on Red-Carpet

Steve is known for his rock and roll lifestyle and we all know that he’s a ladies man. But lip-locking with your daughter on the red-carpet is weird. They might share very innocent relation but it seems with this picture that they are lovers rather than family members.

Stephanie Seymour with her son

Stephanie series of photos with her son is super weird. He looks like a teen who should be given space and knows how to adjust his shorts.  And, when you’re both in swim-suits, this level of affection is a bit strange.

Angelina Jolie kissing her brother James Haven

Before she was a mother and a superstar and what not! Let’s not forget that once she was a simple girl trying to get media attention and for this, she did risky things on red-carpet. Jolie brought her brother James on red-carpet events and would engage in make-out sessions with him.

Wiz Khalifa kissing his Mama at Golden Awards

There are some families where kissing on the lips is snot strange. But, there’s a difference between kissing a your infant child versus kissing your full grown child. And to celebrate his success Wiz brought his mother to the Golden Awards and planted a kiss on her lips which was quite weird.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner getting weird on SnapchatCelebrities

They are in the spotlight from the childhood are biggest reality television family in the world. But they seem to share a weird bond as they were seen sharing a smooch which is weird.


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