15 Cameos You Might Have Totally Missed In The MCU

[tps_header]The MCU is a vast, vast universe. Such a plethora of characters it is easy to lost track. While the superheroes almost always catch our eye and steal the show, a lot of characters go unseen. Characters, once you know, you will be like: HOW IN HELL DID I MISS THAT!!!!


Members of the Community

Anthony and Joe Russo do not only have the honor of directing The Winter Soldier and Civil War to their credit. Before MCU reeled them in, they were kings of the comedy genre dabbling in shows like Arrested Development and Community. Apart from them, Danny Pudi plays a comms tech guy in TWS and Jim Rash was in Civil War as an MIT liaison. Even Donald Glove could be seen in Spiderman: Homecoming. We have just one question left to ask. Where is Alison Brie?!?!?!

Peter Parker

Whether the Kid that helped Tony get his mojo back on in Iron Man 3 would grow up to become Star-Lord is up for debate. But Tom Holland himself confirmed that he made a cameo in Iron Man 2. Remember the little kid with the Iron Man mask who tries to stupidly stop a hammer drone with a toy light? Yeah, that was him.

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