7 Bollywood Movies We Need A Sequel To

There are several Bollywood movies which were so awesome that we would love to have some more of it. We are just not done with them. Here is a list of few marvelous Bollywood movies which should have a sequel.

 1) DDLJ

This is an epic love story. Generation after generation people has watched it and loved it. Who would not love to watch more of Raj and Simran romancing? Whether Raj and Simran face the same old husband wife problems or what happens when BABUJI becomes TAUJI.


All is so well with this movie that we surely would love to watch one more part. In 3 Idiots we saw Rancho, Farhan, and Raju as college students choose their passion’s over their parents’ wishes. It will be a treat to watch what happens when the trio themselves becomes a father.


We are not yet done with Munna and Circuit combo. From becoming a doctor to following Gandhiji, whatever they did together bring smile on our faces. And so we hope they continue doing what they do best.\


It does not matter how many sequels this film has. Every time we watch it we are entertained to the fullest.  The unique characters and their raw intimating dialogues surely is a treat for always. As per reports to be believed the makers are planning for the third installment which is great news for the moviegoers.

5) PK

The movie ended with Amir Khan returning back to the earth with Ranbir Kapoor as a fellow alien. This in itself is a hint for a sequel. So it is just a matter of time we again get to see some more “ confusionwa” which would make us go “lolwa”.


Raise your hands who cried at the climax scene. The number of raised hands gives the answer. Harshaali Malhotra bowled us out with her performance even without saying a single word till the very end of the movie. Just imagine what a treat it would be to watch our favorite “ Munni” again with her favorite “Bajrangi Mama.”


Bollywood movies

This 1981 classic is a magnum opus. And surely everyone would love to see the three leading pairs Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha and Jaya Bachchan together on screen once more. They can continue their “Silsila” as we have immense faith on their chemistry.

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Ketki Varshney

Sr. Copyeditor at QuirkyByte

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