8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Addicted To Smoking

Smoking is an injurious habit and causes cancer which every smoker also knows. Bollywood celebrities are also a commoner and just like any other common man, they have also good and bad habits and one of them is Smoking. By looking over the survey, we can say that Bollywood is also not free of this turmoil. There is a number of Bollywood celebrities who not just smoke behind the camera but also in their real lives. Here’s the list of 8 Bollywood celebrities addicted to smoking:

 1. Shahrukh Khan

The king of Bollywood has had a long association with cigarettes and this habit goes back to his struggling days in Delhi. He is a chain-smoker and he once said that he smokes 3-4 packets of cigarettes every day and drinks lots of Black Coffee and yet he isn’t afraid of any health hazards.

2. Ranbir Kapoor

The heartthrob of Bollywood is finding difficult to quit his habit of smoking. He has been fined several times when caught smoking in public and yet he smokes heavily. He once told that during his acting school time, he loved to smoke marijuana and also smoked the same thing during the movie “Rockstar” to get the real feeling.

3. Sanjay Dutt

His whole career was full of chaos especially his younger days when he was under the influence of Drugs due to which he had to go to the rehabilitation in the US. But, still, after decades his habit of smoking hasn’t changed. He has been seen a lot of times smoking and caught drunk in public.

4. Sushmita Sen

Sen is a former Miss Universe, extremely talented and has a charismatic personality. She has picked the roles in which she was seen smoking behind the camera but the people thought it as a part of an act. Reality is that she smokes in real life too and is habitual of smoking.

5. Rani Mukherjee

Rani has worked with all the Khans and is one of the finest actresses in the industry. But, not just behind the lens she smokes in real life too. She once admitted in an interview that she smokes.

6. Hrithik Roshan

The Greek God is not that godly and has human like a bad habit of smoking. He isn’t a star who loves to be in the spotlight but he is one of the known chain-smokers of Bollywood industry.

7. Ajay Devgan

One of the finest actor in the industry who loves not be in the spotlight. He has been seen smoking in many movies but his habit of smoking is real. He is one of the known chain-smokers of industry and also has been fined many times for smoking in public. His daughter Nysa has also requested him to quit smoking but his habit remains.

8. Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood celebrities

The Queen of Bollywood isn’t afraid of doing things which she loves. But her habit of smoking is old and injurious and she blames her modeling days for this addiction.


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