Best Essay Topics Based on Science

As a college student, you already know that there is nobody out there to force you to consume knowledge. It just doesn’t work that way in there. While at high school you are under the supervision of parents and teachers, college is a completely different story. That’s why there is always the temptation to have a little fun and postpone mundane studying for later, which might easily lead to catastrophic results.

Luckily, there is a cure for this. We at believe that the secret to doing well at college while also not depriving yourself from fun is choosing cool courses and topics for papers and research projects. This way, you will be excited to read yet another source, make yet another hypothesis, and spend yet another hour on your paper.

Now, the definition of “cool” is different for every person, of course. That’s why we decided to map out just a few general science topics that you might find interesting to deal with. The opportunities for modification and detailing are unlimited. Once you have a foundation for research, you will then be able to refine your efforts and dig in the direction that interests you most.


The idea of creating another human being artificially is fascinating – not to mention that it gave birth to multiple fiction books and films. Yet it poses multiple social risks. That’s why it would be interesting to look at cloning not only from the biotechnical point of view but also take into account all the social implications. What are the areas where such a technique would be appropriate? Doesn’t it mean that people are interfering with nature way too boldly?

3D Printing

It’s not long until we see amazing things being printed on 3D printers. In fact, some pretty amazing ones are already being created. What is the future of this technology? Where can it be applied in the most effective manner? What controls should be imposed to make sure the technology is not abused (e.g. producing guns) and is it possible (as a theoretic idea) to produce consumable products with 3D printers?

Artificial human body transformations

We already see incredible progress in human organs’ transplants, bionic limbs, and plastic surgery. What is the future? Is it possible to replace every organ in your body and have them all work together as if they were natural? How far should we go in such experiments and what are the risks posed by such progress?

Genetic engineering

Whether it’s modifying the food to protect it from pests or modifying human genes to protect them from illnesses, genetic engineering is a promising and somewhat scary field. The future is bright, as well as it is dangerous. Elaborate on how far the progress could go with modern means and how we should control the process to protect ourselves.

Finding a cool topic is worth the time and effort. That’s why we always recommend our clients to allocate as much time on it as on actual writing. You’ve been given the right to choose – use it wisely and to your benefit.


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