Get Rid of the Awkwardness When Meeting Her Parents With Our Simple Guide

One of the most important and difficult challenges that must be overcome at the beginning of a new relationship is meeting girls parents. The only way to avoid this step is not to start a serious relationship, but only to limit oneself to short romances. But if you have serious intentions and you want to find your only one, the one with which you could live your whole life, then you cannot avoid getting acquainted with her parents. So it’s time to stop embarrassing and get down to business. This is possible only if you have a clear plan of action – that’s what we present to your attention!


You just started dating, but probably already experiencing the excitement at the thought that soon you will have the first acquaintance with her relatives. And for this, there is every reason: it is worth it for you at the first meeting to say or do something wrong and you will have to pay for it for the rest of your life. Remember, you have only one chance to make a good impression on your girl’s parents. If you really love her and want to share life with her, then try to do everything possible to make them like you because this directly determines the future of your relationship.

Different parents may have different expectations.

Some parents do not make many demands on the groom of their daughter, while others, on the contrary, are too strict about her choice. In order to evoke sympathy from parents, it is necessary to observe some important rules.

1. Dress Code

Take the acquaintance with your beloved’s family as a job interview. There is much in common between these two events: when you go on an interview, and when you first meet the girl’s parents, you need to carefully think over all the details of the wardrobe. The outfit does not have to be official:

A jacket with a tie is not necessary to wear.

It is better to give preference to informal style of clothes.

Make sure your clothes are clean and well-ironed.

Do not use a lot of cologne.

For most of us, these simple truths are well known, but some may fly out of their heads. If you dress every day as a rapper or skater, then, going to the first acquaintance with the parents of your lover, try to dress something more acceptable.

2. Watch What You Say

On the first acquaintance with your girl’s parents, be very careful about what you are saying. You should be prepared for anything in case you exhaust all topics for conversation or if the girl’s parents start asking provocative questions for you.

The first thing you should do is remove any doubts from your head.

Try to behave as confidently as possible. Remember, parents are worried about their “princess” and they will constantly evaluate you.

Do not be prejudiced and try to be polite when talking about politics, religion, and so on. It is impossible to predict in advance what you said can hurt your parents or hurt their feelings. You obviously will not be able to make a positive impression on your beloved’s family if you start criticizing religion, and then suddenly it turns out that your girlfriend’s parents are believers and go to church every Sunday.

3. Avoid talking about sex

Perhaps you are one of those who like to show off their achievements in bed or maybe you are a fan of black humor. Whatever it was, it’s better to leave it all for friends. Remember that most parents (especially fathers) are very uncomfortable with the fact that their daughter has already grown up and has a regular sex life. Put yourself in their place. Imagine that an unfamiliar young guy came to your house and began to show off how many times he had sex with your daughter, whom you so much cared for all your life. Most likely, you immediately indicate this insolent stranger to the door, and some brave parents can also strengthen their arguments against you with a tough kick in your ass.

4. Behave with your girlfriend as a gentleman

The next rule that must be observed when first meeting a girl’s relatives is to act like a gentleman who knows how to care for a woman. Open the door in front of your lover, put a chair behind her and be attentive to every word she pronounces. This, undoubtedly, will increase your authority in the eyes of her family. Also, do not forget to make sure that her glass is full and, from time to time, ask if she needs something. Be attentive to the girl’s parents, but do not curry favor with them.


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