10 Highly Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies of 2018 That You Can’t Miss



Science Fiction is the new frontier. It is no more limited to vague concepts and theories that bounce over a layman’s head. Gone are the days of the old where you needed to be a man of science to witness it on screen. Sci-Fi movies now have action, romance, thrill, adventure, dystopia, and mystery all rolled into one big ball of awesomeness.


10. Predator

Predator is again facing a reboot. Shane Black is directing and co-writing an epic script for the sci-fi monster of the 80s. Predator will see the story going back to the tone that made the movie a phenomenon back like in the Schwarzenegger starrer movie decades ago. It will also add a mystery element to the plot line.

9. Venom

Venom used to be 20th Century Fox’s most prominent projects. Then the Media Deal of the Century happened. Disney bought Fox for a record sum but Venom was not canceled. It won’t be a part of the MCU and will stay a standalone production. Venom stars Tom Hardy as the titular character and is reportedly based on the Lethal Protector storyline.

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