27 Amazing Images of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Together

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are the two of the most lovable stars in the Hollywood. They portray the two of the major Marvel comic characters of Wolverine and Deadpool respectively. They have appeared together in the movie X-Men Origins and people are dying to see them together again on the big screens. We don’t know when will that happen but till then let’s check out some of their their amazing images together:

At Comic-Con!


Whole Crew Pic!


So Cute!


Haha, The Look They Share!


The laughs!

Haha, Crazy two!

Oh, Deadpool Hugging Wolverine!

Awesome Mates!

Sexy two!

Ohh Yeah!

Face off!

At the premiere of X-Men Origins

During San Diego Comic-Con

Smile Please!

Wolverine and Deadpool with James Bond

Best Pic Together

Ryan Reynolds with his one true love, Hugh Jackman!


Side Pose

During the premiere of Wolverine

You’re not allowed!

Look who’s here…

Sharing a laugh with fellow X-Men

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