15 Actors Who Played Two Roles In The MCU Without You Noticing

The MCU has a very interesting trend going on in all its movies and TV shows altogether as they keep casting actors for multiple side roles and puts them in places where people would not even notice them actually being the same person. Here is a list.

Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn, the brother of James Gunn, the director of the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies has been seen playing the role of Kraglin, the fellow ravager and follower of Yondu Udanta. Well if you had seen the credits for once, you would have found out that he was involved in making the physical movements of Rocket the Raccoon as well. Bradley Cooper voices the characters while Sean Gunn gives the physicality of the character in a mo-cap suit.

Clancy Brown

We saw Clancy Brown playing Frank Castle’s former commanding officer in Daredevil season 2. Castle did end up killing him in the show Clancy’s work with Marvel did not just end there. Clancy is a terrific actor and has a big career of voicing various characters in countless series and video games. Well, we should be hyped as he has voiced Surtur, the lord of fire as well in Thor: Ragnarok.

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