10 Actors Who Could Have Played These Famous Roles  

We all love our favorite characters just the way they are and the actors who play them. It is hard to imagine anyone other than those actors playing the legendary characters. Still, we know that multiple actors are considered for a role before someone is selected. So these are some of the actors who were considered to play our favorite characters on screen:

 10. Britney Spears: Allie Hamilton in ‘The Notebook’

So pop star Britney Spears was offered the role of Allie in the Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation ‘The notebook’. This movie basically turned Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams into America’s sweethearts and it is strange to know that someone else could be in the picture. Spears screen tested with Gosling but ultimately Rachel was the pick for the role.

9. Sam Claflin: Jon Snow in Game of Thrones


The handsome British actor auditioned for the role of Jon Snow. When he was rejected he also auditioned for Viserys Targaryen but was rejected again. He may not have landed the role of Snow but he went on to star opposite Emilia Clarke in ‘Me before you’ and is also known for playing the handsome Finick Odair in Hunger games.

8. Sandra Bullock: Maggie in ‘Million Dollar Baby’

Sandra Bullock has done some great work over the years and even has an Oscar for her role in ‘the Blind side’. She was offered the role of Maggie for Million dollar baby and was about to do it before she dropped out for some reason. The role went to Hillary Swank and she won an Oscar for it. This decision must surely have hurt because Bullock won her Academy award much later than that.

7. Jennifer Lawrence: Bella Swan in ‘Twilight’

JLaw is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood right now and has an Oscar in her belt already. She also auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise but the role went to Kristen Stewart. She obviously had no idea then that Twilight would become a great deal and was actually happy she didn’t get the part. We are glad she was rejected as she went on to star as Katniss Everdeen which was the perfect role for her.

6. Kate Winslet: Viola in ‘Shakespeare in Love’

Remember the time when Gwyneth Paltrow missed out on playing Rose in Titanic? Well the tables do turn because some years later Kate Winslet was offered the role of Viola for the movie ‘Shakespeare in love’ which she rejected and it earned Paltrow an Oscar. Both actresses have been rivals since decades now and both have an Oscar in their bags today so there should be no regrets.

5. Will Smith: Neo in “The Matrix”

The iconic role that was played by Keanu Reeves was first offered to Will Smith after his success in MIB and Independence Day. Will turned the role down thinking the movie was too confusing and could become a mess. He also wanted to sign up for some other film then and turned this big opportunity down. Keanu Reeves did justice to the role and it was a hugely successful film.

4. Tom Cruise: Tony Stark in ‘Iron Man’

Robert Downey Jr is one of the richest and most successful actors on earth right now and a lot of credit goes to his role of Tony Stark in the Marvel movies. However Tom Cruise was considered for the role of the superhero and from what we have seen him do on screen in the Mission Impossible franchise, he would have been a great Iron Man but unfortunately he didn’t think the script was strong enough and turned the opportunity down.

3. Emma Watson: Mia in ‘La la Land’

The role that got Emma Stone her first Oscar could have been played by her namesake and the very talented Emma Watson. Watson is known for her role as Hermione Granger in the successful Potter franchise and has since then done a variety of different films with many different roles. Still it can be said that Watson has not yet found her calling as an adult actress as many of her movies have been flops. Watson was offered the role of Mia in La la Land but she dropped it because she was already doing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which was a hit too but comes nowhere near La La Land.

2. Russell Crowe: Wolverine in ‘X-Men’

It is almost impossible to imagine Wolverine without Hugh Jackman who has given his heart and soul to the character all these years. Now that Jackman’s run as Wolverine has ended we might have to give way to someone younger as Wolverine in the future but did you know Jackman was not the first pick for this iconic role? The role was first offered to another Aussie actor Russell Crowe who happens to be friends with Jackman. Crowe turned the role down and recommended Jackman for it and the rest is history.

 1. Hugh Jackman: James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’


Surely most of us have wished for Hugh Jackman to play the British spy James Bond on screen and guess what he was offered the role and turned it down! So before Daniel Craig was shortlisted for the next Bond, the role was offered to the Aussie talent Hugh Jackman who was playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies at that time. He turned the opportunity down because of his commitment to Wolverine and said that the time wasn’t right then. However, Jackman has shown interest in playing Bond and if he is offered the role again he might actually do it. *Fingers Crossed*

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