15 Actors Who Have Played Multiple Roles In Superhero Movies And Shows

Will Smith

Will Smith recently played Deadshot in DCEU’s Suicide Squad and the movie only did so well because of her and Harley Quinn. But before he was Deadshot, he was John Hancock. Hancock was a surprise Box-office hit even though the movie was not that good.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is known for his role as Green Lantern in the movie with the same title. He finds his superpowers from an alien ring, joining the intergalactic force. Well, it didn’t bring that much of effect and was not successful as expected. Moreover, in an interview, Reynolds said that he hated his tight suit. After the movie hit the theatres, he confirmed that there would be no sequel to the last one. Well, this was certainly not the case in Deadpool. The film of the same name hit the theatres in 2016 and was a massive hit. The Deadpool character carried the past instances of Green Lantern. He also got a substantial role in 3rd Blade movie.

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