15 Actors Whose Careers Were Destroyed (Or Saved) By Superhero Movies

[tps_header]Hollywood has now become home to a relatively new but well-known phenomenon – superhero fiction. Starting with Batman in 1989 and the X-Men movies of the early 2000s, the superhero genre has introduced us to the wonderful world of the DCEU and the MCU. Many movies have come under this banner a lot of actors have essayed roles in these movies. While some will be always remembered for their work, others will always be asked – WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?


Chris Pratt

Before he landed the role of Star-Lord in the MCU’s wildly successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Pratt was a relative nobody in H-Town. He always portrayed a side character or had a guest appearance until GOTG happened.

Robert Downey Jr.

No one comes close to portraying a Marvel character as dead on as my man RDJ does with Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. was once nominated for Oscar. But his career went downhill from there until the MCU relaunched him as Iron Man in 2008.

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