5 Artist’s Covers That Make Us Fall In Love With Bollywood Once Again…

If you love old Hindi songs, Bollywood and everything to do with the movies, it’s unlikely that you have missed out on the below mentioned Bollywood tracks. These songs have been an expression of various artist’s love for music; the output of which has been some amazing melodious covers. While some of these artists are going viral, the others gained recognition over time; irrespective of which, we love them!

Here are a few covers by 5 of our favorite artists:

 1. Sanam – Gulabi Aankhein

This is one of the best Bollywood romantic songs that still manages to make hearts sway away and has been one of Sanam’s most popular songs. This band however has given this classic a playful twist making it one of their most popular covers. Their songs have gained immense popularity and audience can groove to their songs MTV Beats Spotlight as they are the Artist of the month.

2. Vidya Vox –Kabira + Closer

The Chennai-born US-based singer Vidya, mashes up Bollywood and Indian classical songs with western hits to create a mashup that listeners couldn’t stop listening to.

3. Sanam – Lag Ja Gale

This song is very close to Sanam Puri, the lead vocalist and pianist as he learnt this song from his dad. The band even dedicated the song to him. While the band is known for their covers but the seven-year-old band has composed a lot of originals as well.

4. Penn Masala – DilliWaali Girlfriend + Tonight

This acapella group has given us some insanely brilliant covers and garnered an international YouTube fan following.

5. Natalie Di Luccio – Khuda Jane + Wrecking Ball


Natalie is an Italian-Canadian girl who sings Bollywood songs who is trained in opera and sings professionally for films as well.

Tune in to MTV Beats the entire month of February, for some of the best work from Sanam.


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