10 Thing Only Your Girlfriend Bestie Can Do!

You might sometimes find a soul mate in your best friend. Someone you can lean on no matter what. Watching your favorite show Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on COLORS INFINITY will make you want to go hug your bestie right away! The show’s central character Abby found solace in her girlfriends, they are the people she can depend on to get her mind off major life tragedies. Her girlfriends have helped Abby get through her divorce and look at the bright side of life. Little things they do together, is the true essence of female bonding.

If your girls are as great as Abby’s, you can relate to the following:

 1. Finding your clothes in her wardrobe will not upset you

She will borrow your clothes and then forget to return it for years

2. Lying next to each other, with your trouser zip undone because you’ve eaten so much food

You’re not upset to show if your appetite is big

3. Send each other romantic or sometimes even sexy texts on behalf of each other

You let your friend help you write a text in case you’re busy

4. Open up about your sex life

She is your ultimate love guru and your secrete holder

5. Rank people on their looks and hotness

Randomly check out guys and rate them for fun

6. Clean each other when you’re too drunk

She will take care of you like a mother, except boast about it later

7. Be your wingman

She randomly introduces you to a cute boy in a club

8. Have each other’s back

She will trash the person talking ill about you

9. Stalk your crush on social media to know if they’re single

It’s always good to keep your eyes open

10. Love each other unconditionally but show it approximately 10 million times more when you both are drunk

She is just the person you want to be with when you’re drunk

Catch up with your clique and watch the Season 3 premiere of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce only on COLORS INFINITY this Women’s Day on 8March at 1PM

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