• CricketMystery Bowlers who have troubled India

    5 Mystery Bowlers Who Have Troubled India in the Past

    India’s recent loss to Bangladesh is inexplicable. They fell against the might of Bangla tigers. There was a period when Bangladesh didn’t win a single match for 4 years. Now, they have won the last 10 matches played in Bangladesh. Before humiliating India, Bangladesh crushed Pakistan in the One Day series. The chief architect of this win against India was…

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  • PoliticsIndo-Bangla land boundary agreement

    5 Things You should Know about Indo-Bangla Land Boundary Agreement

    After a decade of bilateral negotiations, India and Bangladesh decided to bury their differences and entered into a historic land boundary agreement to settle 4,096 kilometres long border dispute and foster trading relations between the two countries. The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee accompanied PM Modi during the time of signing up of an agreement which paved the way…

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  • Societyindia's laws against women

    5 Lives That Brought Landmark Changes in India’s Laws

    Several cases involving violence against women have shaped India’s laws. Read about the 5 lives that brought landmark changes: 1972: MATHURA CASE The custodial rape of a tribal girl in 1972 by 3 policemen in Maharashtra drew outrage as the SC acquitted the accused. The judge had said that she might have invited the cops as she was used to…

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