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  • CelebsOlder Actors Played Teenage Roles

    10 Older Actors Who Played Teenage Roles In Movies and Series

    Don’t believe anything you see on the other side of the screen. Actors and directors are pros at deceiving us by creating make-believe worlds. From the flowery and “forever” romance between Edward and Bella to the brave superheroes fighting for mankind, everything is believable in their fictional world. Similarly, there are many adult actors who smoothly pulled off teenage roles…

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  • MoviesMovies on Netflix in January 2021

    10 Movies That Are Arriving on Netflix In January 2021

    Netflix started as a rent-by-mail DVD service but changed its game over the years to become one of the biggest and topmost online streaming service platforms. It has expanded to productions now and keeps inventing new projects every now and then. Despite its success as a production house, Netflix continues to be a streaming channel that provides a plethora of…

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