20 Fans Reactions To Oppenheimer As Christopher Nolan Is Not Using CGI For Explosion Scene

Oppenheimer is the upcoming American biographical film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Ever since it was told that Christopher Nolan is not using CGI for the atomic bomb explosion in the movie, fans have been terrified, and here are some fan reactions to Oppenheimer:

1. Phastos!


2. You Shouldn’t!!

3. Damn!


4. Whoaa!

5. Oh No!


6. Crazy Idea!

7. Under Control!


8. No Idea!

9. OMG!!


10. WTF!!

11. It’s Damn Time!


12. Oh God No!

13. Peace out There!


14. Shit Got Real!

15. Worst Time Ever!



16. Haha!

17. Litereally!


18. Save Us!

19. Okay!


20. Terrible Idea!

Did you like these fan reactions to Oppenheimer not using CGI? What was your reaction after knowing it? Comment down your answers.

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