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15 Kevin Bacon Memes Where Fans Roasted Him Brutally

Kevin Bacon is an outstanding American actor famous for his role in the Musical Drama movie, Footloose. We have heard Peter Quill talking about him in Marvel movies, and now he appeared in the Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special. Check out some of the funniest Kevin Bacon memes from the movie:

1. Oops!


2. Holy Shit!

3. Why?


4. You Just Can’t!

5. Oh No!


6. LOL!

7. As Simple As That!


8. OMG!!

9. Difficult Choice!


10. Best One!

11. WTF!!


12. Calm Down!

13. Oh Well!


14. Wrong, Kevin!!

15. Hehe!

These Kevin Bacon memes are hilarious. Did it make you laugh too? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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